1. Our services begin with the acquisition of raw materials, followed by the creation of cutting patterns, assembly with cut & sew services, and finally the application of labels and branding such as print or embroidery. This increases the project's material and labor costs. We aren't just repurposing pre-made garments. Because everything is made to order, there are no refunds. You commit to producing the project once you approve the digital mock-ups or physical sample. 

2. All disputes must be handled via email, complete with photos, a description of what went wrong, and a resolution proposal. Please allow our team to determine the next steps in catering to both parties. If there are any quality issues or errors with the wholesale order, we will replace the items rather than refund them. 

3. We don't accept returns on products with physical samples, proofs, or sew-outs that you approved, unless we didn't meet the proof or sample's specifications. Luxury Leaf LLC is in charge of focusing on the proof's specifications and ensuring quality control. Before we start producing the wholesale quantity of products, you have the opportunity to make changes to your order during the proofing and sample stage. 

4. We are not liable for your personal satisfaction with the end result of your product creation. That is something to consider during the design and sample stages of the product development process. Before the wholesale process begins, you will receive a digital mock-up, and, upon request, a  physical sample to ensure that you are satisfied with the product design. 

5. When there are more than three sample phases in the product design, cut and sew orders can take up to six months. If you request several physical prototype samples, we will not refund cut and sew orders for being late if they are completed within six months. It's up to you to plan your projects for the coming season. 

6. We can't guarantee that the spelling or artwork you send us is correct. We will create your project using the information you provide. We are responsible for shipping to the address you provide us, not for making sure the shipping address you send us is correct. 

7. Our team will inspect the goods before shipping, but if there are any defects, you must notify our team within 7 days of receipt. If the problem is brought to our attention within that time frame, we will assist you in resolving it. If not, it's possible that the problem is due to the way you're handling or storing the goods, and we can't be held liable.