about us

Luxury Leaf was founded  to make a difference in the fashion industry.


Luxury Leaf is on a mission to create clothing that is good for people, the planet, and your pockets. We originally started as a retail clothing line but realized in order to make a bigger environmental impact, all businesses and clothing brands need to switch to hemp. 

We recognized the need for a one-stop-shop manufacturer for all things hemp. Our new model is to take away the headache of making the switch to hemp. We have spent 3+ years traveling + cultivating relationships with sustainable hemp manufacturers across the globe. We give clothing brands and businesses seeking sustainable apparel, merch, and uniforms peace of mind knowing they will get a sustainable and high-quality product.  

 Founded by Kyle Oliveira, Luxury Leaf, looks forward to a green future in which hemp is the go-to for all clothing and accessory production.


KYLE oliveira


Tyler johnson

operations officer

Jared fisch

growth OFFicer 




The majority of the hemp in our apparel comes from China. It grows quickly, without pesticides, and is strictly only rain-fed. No chemicals are used in the retting process. It is left in the fields and baled.



The hemp bales are separated into fiber and hurd/shiv through a process called decortication. The hemp fiber is then further refined + processed to create a cottonized hemp fiber that is able to be spun into yarn.



The cottonized hemp fiber is sent to Pakistan where it is mixed with other fibers and spun into yarn. The yarn is then woven into the fabrics used in production.



Fabric is cut using precision machinery. This makes it easy for the workers to stitch things together.



This is when your logo is added to the garments. We encourage you to get as creative as possible to make something truly unique and different.



Our workers have over 100+ years of combined experience working with sewing machines. They are experts at their craft and only produce the long lasting pieces.



Every piece is inspected prior to shipping to ensure everything is up to standard. We realize that our client's success is dependent on the quality of our work. We strive for excellence and only work with clients who strive for the same. 



We can take professional white background photos for you before shipping. This way you can FOCUS on what you do best, SELLING.


WHAT can luxury leaf do?

Luxury Leaf can be thought of as a one-stop shop for sustainable and completely custom apparel manufacturing. We providing services to a variety of fashion brands and businesses around the world. We provide complete custom cut and sew services, as well as screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, patches, and private labeling. Additionally, we can provide white background pictures for you and assist with brand identity and overall marketing guidance.

What types of products can you make from hemp?

Hemp is used in everything we do. We can assist you in creating custom-made items in any style of headwear, apparel, pant, or other accessory. If you let us know about your product idea in the quote submission form, our team will help you with out-of-the-box ideas.

what is your minimum order quantity?

Generally, our MOQ is 50 units. However, for an extra fee, we can go as low as 25 units for certain products.

what is your lead time?

The time it takes to complete a project is determined on a case-by-case basis. During the quotation process, your representative will let you know how long it will take.

how can you ensure client satisfaction?

We'll send you a digital mock-up, followed by a physical sample for you to try on and quality test. The physical sample detail that was provided will then be followed by our production team. It is our responsibility to ensure that you have a high-quality product that can be sold to your target market.

where are your products made?

We've established relationships with factories all over the world to provide low minimum order quantities, high-quality goods, and quick turnaround times. No matter what you're looking for, each vendor specializes in a different style of production and equipment to ensure the highest quality. All of our partners provide fair working conditions to their employees. Our partners are located all over the world, but your point of contact will be on our Sales Team in the USA.