Top 5 Back-To-School Hemp Products

Top 5 Back-To-School Hemp Products

As students across the country are preparing to go back to school amidst a global pandemic, Luxury Leaf recommends the following hemp products to stay safe and sustainable while hitting the books.

  1. Luxury Leaf Hemp Facemask: Many schools, including colleges and universities, are requiring students and faculty to wear face coverings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily for you, Luxury Leaf is now selling comfortable facemasks made from upcycled hemp shirts and bags to keep you safe.
  2. Hemp Pencil Case: This pencil case is great for students trying to stay organized. Made from hemp and cotton, this pencil case can store up to 50 pens/pencils and two scissors along with some other objects like small erasers or pencil sharpeners.
  3. Hemp Backpack: Luxury Leaf is now offering private label backpacks made from hemp. These are great for any club, team or organization looking for sustainable gear for their members. Click the link above or email for more information.
  4. Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer: A must have for any classroom. This moisturizing hand sanitizer kills 99% of germs while keeping your skin hydrated and smelling good.
  5. Luxury Leaf Long Sleeve Shirt: Stay cool and comfy this Fall with this stylish shirt.

Written by Jared Fisch, Luxury Leaf Marketing Associate


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