How to grow hemp

How to grow hemp

Before you sow any seeds, make sure it is legal to grow hemp based on your location. Check with local, state and federal officials to ensure that you are following all guidelines prior to planting your crops.

If you live in a desert or mountainous area, growing hemp may not be for you. While hemp is able to grow in most climates, dry arid land and high mountain regions are not the best. It can take the cannabis plant up to 120 days from seed to harvest so make sure your conditions are relatively stable throughout the growing process.

The first six weeks tend to be the most important when it comes to watering your plants. Along with this, hemp can be grown organically and does not require pesticides to flourish. Keep in mind that organically grown hemp yields around 500 pounds per acre.

“To harvest hemp fiber, wait one or two days minimum after harvesting the grain and ideally until the following spring.”

This process is not meant for everyone. Be sure to do the necessary research required to make your decision if you are ready to grow hemp.


Written by Jared Fisch, Luxury Leaf Marketing Associate


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