“Hempify” Your Dorm Room

“Hempify” Your Dorm Room

As incoming freshmen at colleges and universities across the country prepare for their unconventional first semester as an undergraduate, hemp is proving to be a more sustainable alternative for many products in their dorm rooms. Luxury Leaf aims to educate and inform these students about how to sustainably “hempify” their dorm room.

Bedding: Buffy recently released 100% hemp sheets that are both antibacterial and machine washable making these a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Clothing: Luxury Leaf offers hemp shirts, hats and masks to keep you comfortable, cool and safe at school.

Snacks: Granola bars are great for a quick power snack while studying in your dorm room. Make sure to get a granola bar that contains hemp seeds for added nutrition and protein.

Written by Jared Fisch, Luxury Leaf Marketing Associate


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