Henry Ford's Hemp Car

Henry Ford's Hemp Car
Did you know that Henry Ford’s Model T, was built to run on hemp bio-diesel and the CAR ITSELF was made from hemp? If you’re like me then you probably didn’t. Recently, I stumbled upon this fact and decided to research it some more. 
Turns out, Henry Ford’s hemp car “grown from the soil” had an impact strength over 10x stronger than steel. Not to mention, the car was designed to run on hemp-biodiesel making it completely eco-friendly and sustainable. You might be wondering, so why don’t we see hemp cars on the road today?                                               
The short answer is that Henry Ford’s idea was so heavily suppressed by powerful oil, steel, and other major corporations that it never had a chance to be mass manufactured. Additionally, those corporations had major political influence which they used to make hemp illegal in 1937. In short, politics and unscrupulous business-men outlawed hemp to make way for their more profitable and environmentally-destructive industries.                                                                              
Until now, the general public wasn’t aware of hemp’s benefits, especially, that Ford’s Model-T was made from hemp and designed to run on hemp bio-diesel. With the introduction of the 2018 Hemp Farming Act, a resurgence in hemp vehicles is more than likely.                                                                                         



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