Are CBD and Medicinal Marijuana the key to ending the Opioid Epidemic?

Are CBD and Medicinal Marijuana the key to ending the Opioid Epidemic?

The opioid epidemic in America has spread like wildfire since the 1900’s and has only been getting worse. Now you might be wondering, how marijuana and CBD could positively affect the opioid problem in America? Isn’t marijuana a gateway drug that helped create this problem in the first place? Well, now that some states have legalized and lab test marijuana and CBD, we are able to address the problem at the source, pain medication.

Big-pharm started making painkillers that were prescribed to many patients with the intent to help relieve their pain, not get them hooked on a substance. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in many states there has been an average of 24.6% decrease in opioid related overdoses and deaths in those states. Doctors now can prescribe patients a new non addictive, all natural alternative. With medical CBD and marijuana being more potent than ever this help patients be able to relieve pain and still function normally throughout the day.

As we see legalization of marijuana across the country hopefully we see a larger decrease of opioid use and addiction. People for years have seen marijuana as a problem, not a solution. So the next time your hear someone saying they use CBD for their back or smoke a joint to relieve their headaches, don’t be so quick to judge them. Opioids are the worst option to treat pain because they are addictive and can eventually lead to harder drugs.



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