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Fourth of July weekend is typically consumed by hot dogs, cold beers, and fireworks. However, this year is different. With a pandemic serving as the backdrop to a historical social justice movement, Luxury Leaf believes that this is a great opportunity to educate our followers about hemp’s American history.
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are collaborating with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to develop an info sharing platform that will allow law enforcement authorities to get real-time hemp information in an attempt to alleviate recent troubles with hemp shipments. USDA attorney, Mai Dinh, suggests that the new platform could provide “some level of solution” and means of clarifying whether shipments are legal hemp or illegal marijuana.
Florida Company JustCBD Sued
JustCBD, a South Florida CBD manufacturer is being sued by a woman in the US Virgin Islands. The woman is suing based on her claims that one of JustCBD’s vape products made her sick. She asserts that the CBD vape oil made by the company caused her to experience pneumonia-like symptoms a few months back in August
FDA Update on CBD Coming Soon
The Food and Drug Administration has recently said that they'll be updating the hemp industry in regards to it's CBD review by late summer or fall.