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Fourth of July weekend is typically consumed by hot dogs, cold beers, and fireworks. However, this year is different. With a pandemic serving as the backdrop to a historical social justice movement, Luxury Leaf believes that this is a great opportunity to educate our followers about hemp’s American history.
World's First Hemp Air Filter
Scientific evidence indicates that the air within homes and buildings can be severely more polluted than the outdoor air in large and industrialized cities, and can have a significant impact on human health. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) attributes 3.8 million deaths annually to household air pollution?
Are CBD and Medicinal Marijuana the key to ending the Opioid Epidemic?
The opioid epidemic in America has spread like wildfire since the 1900’s and has only been getting worse. Now you might be wondering, how marijuana and CBD could positively affect the opioid problem in America? Isn’t marijuana a gateway drug that helped create this problem in the first place? Well, now that some states have legalized and lab test marijuana and CBD, we are able to address the problem at the source, pain medication.